Institutional First Baptist Church Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
July 5, 2015 at 10:45 AM
The Godly Nation?
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr. Sunday July 5, 2015
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”. Ps. 33:12
The 4th of July was observed yesterday as a memorial 
for a national day to celebrate the Declaration of 
Independence. “IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776, the unanimous 
Declaration of the thirteen united States of America 
asserted independence from England. The legal 
document started with the words, “When in the Course of 
human events, it becomes necessary for one people ...”. The 
Revolutionary War with England had started one year earlier 
and would end in 1783, but the document of justification and 
intent of purpose were formalized on July 4, 1776. The 
recently liberated colonies existed without a document of 
governance until 1787 when a formal Constitution was 
adopted thereby changing them from a collection of colonies 
to the United States of America. 
Although this nation was initially jubilant, thankful, 
prayerful, and Biblically committed to its freedom, it 
seems to have made a shift during the 1950's away from 
the biblical teaching, “ blessed is the nation whose God 
is the Lord”. The sermon for today, 2015, has been planned 
to signal warnings to our nation of the need to reexamine 
its priorities, actions, and religiosity. Hence, the sermon 
has been entitled The Godly Nation ?, notice with a question 
mark to highlight the disastrous fate that awaits apostasy. 
It will be anchored by the following three parameters 
which are; some highlights of the glorious years of 
America, an increasing tilt toward national apostasy, 
and the Biblical solution to survival. 
Prior to examining these dimensions, it is deemed 
appropriate to highlight two nation at vastly different 
chronological time periods and, yet, for a few centuries, 
they both embodied the Scriptural assertion, “ Blessed 
is the nation whose God is the Lord” ( Ps. 33:12 ). Those 
nations are Ancient Israel and the United States of 
During their infancy and subsequent development, both 
nations were theistically focused. Sadly, Israel embrace 
a proclivity toward apostasy and, in accordance with the 
will of God, the nation experienced a divided kingdom and 
later Babylonian Captivity. This fact is documented in both 
Biblical and secular histories. 
Taking a quantum leap from then to the contemporary 
times ( 2015 ), the somber question becomes - what is the 
outlook for America during this 21st Century and beyond? 
This question leads to the first parameter of the sermon 
which is - highlights of the glorious years of America. 
From its beginning as a single colony in 1607 until the end 
of World War II in 1946, America enjoyed the status of a 
blessed nation. Its ideals and beliefs were largely consistent 
with the teaching of Ps. 33:12 -“Blessed is nation whose God 
is the Lord.” However, there were some blemishes during 
those centuries, a few of which included: religious bigotry, 
slavery, exploitation of the Indians ( including the trail of 
tears ) and the anti Hispanic practices. 
Notwithstanding those referenced blemishes, America 
has been abundantly blessed from its infancy to the 1950's. 
That decade was marked by bumps in the nation’s success, 
tranquility, and prestige. It was the time when prayer was 
removed from the public school, legalization of abortion, 
massive resistant to the Civil Rights movement and 
entrance into the Korean War and withdrawal without a 
victory. Sadly, those dysfunctions are continuing to be 
evident in contemporary American society. This fact leads 
to the next focus of the sermon which is the question - 
Is America beginning to experience a trend toward 
apostasy? In responding to this question, it should be noted 
that both the media and critical personal observations 
point to disturbing signs in the nation’s stance. It has not 
won a war since World War II, it has initiated or been in the 
lead for armed aggression in Vietnam and later several 
areas in the Middle East, it continues to be activistic in 
that area, it is more aggressive in political legislating and 
maneuvering geographical lines to disenfranchise certain 
categories of people, and it is aggressively formulating 
tactics to solidify the great divide ( racially and 
economically ). Yet, this nation on the 25th of June 
June received notice that the Supreme Court had ruled 
that same sex marriages must be available throughout 
America - Biblical apostasy. Ironically, same sex couples 
have an higher legal status that a racial or nationalistic 
class of non-same sex couples. In the meantime, these 
sinister acts are occurring within a nation that professes 
to be Godly anchored to whom fetish worship is offered 
Beloved, social scientists, the media, and critical 
observers of social reality have labeled this trend as 
sensate ( materially focused ) secular ( worldly focused ) 
while theologians see it as a trend toward apostasy. 
But let us Bible believing individuals not shutter and grow 
sick at heart because these events were divinely foreknown, 
written about in the Bible, experienced in Ancient Greece 
and Rome, and - in the same book - was included the remedy 
to ‘cure’ apostasy. It is recorded in the 2nd Chron. 7:14. 
“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble 
themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their 
wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive 
their sin, and will heal their land.” 
In closing, America’s destiny - while under the canopy 
of God - is largely under the control of politicians, jurists, 
the media, and lastly voters. But let us never forget that 
in time and in a divine manner The will of God will be done 
in earth, as it is in heaven. May God bless and keep you this 
day and the rest of your life.! Amen.
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