Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
July 23, 2017 at 10:45 AM
The Tasks Ahead

The Tasks Ahead

“…And David said unto Saul, I can not go with these, for I
have not proved them. And David put them off him. And he took his staff in his hand and chose him five smooth stones
and put them in a shepherd’s bag which he had…( 1st Sam:
17:39-40 ).

The month of July is nearing its end for 2017. It is

known for an array of activities starting with the 4th of July

celebration, the continuation of summer vacation from

school, family traveling, humid and often rainy weather,

the dog days, cook outs, and shopping for the forthcoming

school year. Already, the school administrators, next the

classroom teachers and soon the students all – will have

returned thereby certifying that the 2017-18 school year

has begun. These school related responsibilities include

many tasks, not just from the principals, but from every

person in the system. In recognition of this reality, the

sermon for today has been entitled, The Tasks Ahead.

P. 2

It will include the following three dimensions, namely

the school kids, the home setting, and the religious arena.

As noted in the textual anchor, the scriptural base for

the sermon is the ‘well known’ account of David and Goliath.

It is a narrative of a battle in which the Philistines and the

Children of Israel. The latter group was terrorized by the

number and size of the Philistines. They seemed destined

to be captured! As King Saul pondered between capture and

or slaughter, the younger, David, volunteered to confront the

giant, Goliath. King Saul, upon hearing David’s statement,

said unto him, “Thou art not able to go against this

Philistine to fight with him: for thou are but a youth, and he

is a man of war from his youth.” ( 1st Sam.17:33 ).

Immediately, David told the King of his duty as keeper of his

father’s sheep and how he had protected them first from a

p. 3

bear and, next, from a lion. The King was impressed by

David’s courage and desire to confront Goliath. He therefore

gave permission for the younger to be dressed for battle

with Goliath. Upon be fitted for battle, David found that the

amour was too heavy and also the sword. He, therefore,

removed them and then took his staff in his hand and

choose him five stones out the brook, and put them in his

shepherds’ bag…” The conclusion will be presented at the

closing of this sermon. In the meantime, attention will be

reflected back of the sermon’s title, The Tasks Ahead with

the three concerns, the first one being – The school pupils.

Soon the summer vacation will be over and it will be time

to enter or return to school. Extend day of rest, play, travel,

and leisure – all will have end and now the bacon will be –

The Tasks Ahead.

P. 4

In preparing for school, each student must shift from

a time of play to one of study. The focus now becomes

attention and energies all must be place on The Tasks

Ahead. Like little David, who picked up five stones, you

must collect your school supplies, and not just new

clothing. David was skilled in the use of his supplies

and so must you acquire and utilize skills in your

technologies. Remember these tools are aides and not

replacements for study!.

The Tasks Ahead in school work requires respect for

the fellow classmates, attention to the teachers, absorption

of guidance from the teachers, obedience to the bus drivers,

attention to traffic lights and officers, going strait home,

especially if walking home from school.

The Tasks Ahead, also, signal warning that include:
p. 4

avoid taking money and other gifts from stranger, do not

accept rides from strangers, and do not give out information

over the telephone. Lastly, don’t do drugs because in the

end YOU are the looser!

Lastly, as you travel on the path way of life and

endure the demands, always remember your future

will be largely determined by how well you discharged

the responsibilities in The Tasks Ahead. This unalterable

fact leads to the second aspect of the sermon which is

the family’s role as its offsprings face The Tasks Ahead.

First and foremost, the family is responsible for food,

clothing and shelter for the children. These are often called

the economic needs for survival. But there numerous other

responsibilities endemic to being parents. The Bible, while

admonishing children to obey their parents, also calls upon

p. 4

“ …ye, fathers prove not you’re your children to wrath: but

bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord”.

The mother’s obligations are clearly stated in King Lemuel’s

tribute to his mother as found in Proverbs 31. In addition to

these two Scriptural citations, there are other Biblical

references. The parental responsibilities are also

numerous in the social sphere, some of which include:

home training, monitoring progress in school, listening to

concerns of children, administering appropriate discipline,

motivating children toward ideal goals, training in religious

values, and assuring children of their ever presence.

Attention will now be placed on the role of religion –

the third and final dimension of this sermon on The Tasks

Ahead. Sadly, this vital area is undergoing a downward

pathway in participation from adults, adolescents, and
p. 6

children. This trend is evident across, racial, generational,

economic, and educational levels. It is contrary to Biblical

teaching, “ train up the child in the way it should go… bring

them up in the nurture and fear of the Lord… Sadly,

technology, sports, travel, lethargy, and the decline in

traditional faiths – all have contributed to a shrinkage in

religious participation. St. Paul foresaw this the coming of

this apostasy that is nowadays present; it is found in his

message to Timothy ( 2nd Chapter 4 ). While lamenting the

presence of this day and age, closing attention will

reference back to the narrative on David and Goliath. He

was prepared for his Tasks Ahead. Where do we stand? Are

we prepared , or are we Unprepared for the Tasks Ahead?

David was and he was successful in defeating Goliath!



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