Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
January 21, 2018 at 10:45 AM

“Not rendering evil for evil, or railing for railing: but contrariwise blessing; knowing that ye are there untocalled, that ye should inherit a blessing.” 1st Peter 3:9
Today is the annual consecration worship here at
Institutional First Baptist Church.  This service is planned
to allow worshipers an opportunity for cooperate worship
to the Almighty God for life during the past year and to
pray for endurance during the New Year of 2018.     Unfortunately, the past year was one of turbulence in
innumerable phases of the human experiences; a few of
which were health, death, poverty, assaults, neglect, and
probably the most far reaching and threatening the election
of an ill prepared person as President of the United States.
Admittedly, worship is designed to exhaust the Triune
God, but the spokesperson is, concurrently, obligated to
p. 2
keep his/her congregational informed both on the theology
and social realities of contemporary times. Hence, the
sermon for today has been entitled, Committed! To what is
Right. The sermon will be anchored by three considerations,
namely, the humanly urge, the contemporary scene, and
your personal stance.
The Scriptural anchor for the sermon was lifted from
Peter’s message regarding the obligations involving human
interaction between wive and husband, and all other
networks, some of which pastor and members, teacher and
pupils, and the President and the citizenry.
Prior to delving into the analysis of these four
parameters, an identification will be made of two New
Testament writers who focused included the family and,
secondly, a definition of the concept, committed and next,
p. 3
the terms “dreamers” and right.
Having specified these parameters, “let’s get to work”.
The family is a legal union consisting of parents and children
It was addressed in the writing of both Peter and Paul. The
form was married, as referenced in the statement,
( Mk. 1:29-31) so it seems tenable to conclude that his
instructions regarding family based on practical experiences
whereas Paul’s admonitions were theologically anchored.
Yet both of them left sound guidelines for family stability.
Next is the word dreamers! This word is used to denote
an individual, currently devoid, of a highly cherished goal
or accomplishment and often willing to make the sacrifice
to attain it. Currently, there is a political uproar in
Washington regarding the destiny a category of young

P. 4
Against these practical definitions, attention will now
be turned to the Sermon for Consecration entitled
Committed: To What is Right.
To undergird this subject, attention will be placed on
the concepts committed and right. The first word refers to
a feeling of dedication or loyalty to a idea, cause, or action,
the second word, right, denotes an act, idea, of behavior
that is justified or acceptable.
Now to the parameters of the sermon, the first one
being – the human urge for fame and fortune. Human history
is filled with individuals whose urge for personal fame and
fortune have driven them the unfortunate outcome. In their
selfish strive, many have they trodden, exploited, and
lured with lies.


p. 5
To such manipulators, the Bible admonishes “Do unto others
as you would have them do unto you”, “A man should not
think too highly of himself”, and “You are going to reap what
you sow.”  Moving from this somber inevitability to the next
topic of the sermon – the contemporary reality just here in
the United States. This nation was founded in search of
freedom of religion ( God ) prosperity, individual freedom.
Early in is history, America worshiped God as reflected in
the creation of Thanksgiving. Soon it became – first Slaves
and later the Native Indians. Yet God continued to bless this
young nation. God continued to bless America through
several wars. In the meantime, America was becoming more
sensate: it removed prayer from the public school and later
introduced child abuse legislation along with other codes.
Since the successfully close of World War II. our nation has
p. 6
not won another war.  Sadly it is currently involved in
conflicts abroad and worried about terrorists here in
America. In the meantime, sinister actions is widespread
in the political, economic, and even the religious arenas
to separate and exploit African Americans and many other
non white people. The Bible contain warning for our nation,
two of which are: Happy is that nation whose God is the Lord,
Thou, fool thou soul is required tonight.
These two Scriptures lead to the, third, and final aspect
of this Consecration sermon which is – What is your personal
stance regarding the reality of living? In social psychology
it is asserted that human behavior can be placed into one of
three categories; they are the active, the indifferent, and the
The active is the person who believes in prayer, has
p. 7
confidence in self, seeks to make in different in his/her life
and the welfare of others, engages in volunteering, and
abides by the instruction found in Matthew 25 ( hopefully)
you my hearers and/or readers will read this chapter.
In addition, this group embraces the words…“If I can help
somebody….” .
The next human response is that of indifference. This
is the individual who gives nothing, technically sees nothing,
hears nothing, and lives in an aimless modality. Such a
person is the epitome of a non interested homeless person.     The third, and final, category is the person. This is the
individual who cares not how he/she looks, goes, has, or
lives. The joke is told of a benevolent person trying to give
an indifferent person a donut. When the person asked, “do
you have one with no whole in it? The person said no. Then
p. 8
the indifferent person said, “Keep it, because it has a whole
in it”. Beloved, was the whole in the donut or the inquirer’s
mind. Remember, the Bible teaches that God can take small
things and do great things; that divine power as
demonstrated in the three fishes and fives loaves of bread.
In closings, we are living during critical times and the
prospects seems bleak, but let us remember that the Bible
foretold this reality. In the meantime, let us be not dismayed
because God will take care of us. Hence, let us continue to
be prayerful, thankful, helpful, and hold to God’s unchanging
hand.  Amen.




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