Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
February 25, 2018 at 9:45 AM
The Pastor's Armour Bearers

The Pastor’s Armour Barriers
“ Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men ofhonest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business” Acts. 6:3
Today is the final Sunday of the 2018 Black Worship
Services observed here at Institutional First Baptist
Church. As per usual, our fellowship has been supportive
of these services and, today, will witness the Annual
Deacon Anniversary. In keeping with the referenced
Anniversary, the sermon was entitled, The Armour
Barrier. It will entail three dimensions, namely: a
synopsis of an Armour barrier, the apostles’ creation
of an armour barriers, and the deacons as armour
As background to the subject, attention is called to
the fact that most informal and all formal organizations
p. 2
have some structure . The traditional family involving
parents and children embody a structure, usually one
that view the husband as head of the household, the wife
is next in order and the children are at the bottom of the
family structure. Moving from the family to the formal
organizations are found highly structured levels of
authority, some examples are the school that consists
of a principal, faculty, and student body, Albany State
University that embodies a president, a vice president, a
provost, a faculty, and a student body. Moving from these
examples to the setting in which we are herein assembled
is a structure that consists of a pastor, deacons, and
members. Unlike the school, university, and industries –
whose structure are based on human conceived and
developed regulations, the religious officers – confined
p. 3
herein today – are biblically based and will be the nexus
of this sermon.  To properly anchor this subject, attention is called
to the expression armour bearer. It refers to “an officer
selected by a king, general, or pastor because of his
bravery, dependability, and availability, not only to bear the
armour of the superior, but to use it to protect the king. The
armour was an officer selected by kings and generals
because of bravery but also to stand by them in the time of
danger. They were the adjutants for the commanding
officers in warfare during Old Testament history.
(Judg. 9:54; 1 Sam. 14:7; 16:21; 31:6).
Against this background on the position of armour
bearer, attention will now be directed to the special class
of armour bearer. This type is also biblical but its origin
p. 4
is New Testament based. It evolved through a series of
stages, all in New Testament History on the pathway to
the status of Deacon. It started when Jesus call the twelve
disciples, the second phase occurred when he announce
that he would build his church, next would come their
receive the great commission to go into all the world
and preach – at that time the disciples had been spiritually
elevated to apostles because they had witness the risen
Savior. They would, yet, have to undergo another
experience that was necessary for them to be anointed
by the Holy Spirit and they were instructed to be witnesses
of him in Judea, Samaria, and the utmost part of the world.
The fruition of that charge came on the Day of Pentecost
when about 3,000 were added to the church. The converts
included Grecians  who complained to the apostles about

p. 5
being neglecting in church services and that became the
impetus that led to the apostles creating the second of
only two biblical officers recognized in early church history.
While recognizing these two offices ( pastor and deacon )
many Baptist church recognized numerous other officers,
and they are within the areas of their doctrinal belief, since
the Baptist is Autonomous – self governance.
Prior to the Apostles’ creation of deacons, they – along
with their believers – continued daily one accord in the
temple, and breaking bread from house, and did eat their
meat with gladness and singleness of heat. ( Acs 2:46 ).
As the narrative goes, it seem that the Grecian believers
were felt that they were not receiving attention like the
Jewish group; hence, they complained to the apostles
who sought to accommdate them. The apostles, therefore,
p. 6
recommend the creation of a second level of leadership
that would consist of seven men of good report whom
they would appoint – known today as deacons. Further,
the apostles ( pastors ) said it should not be reason for the
to leave the Word of God and serves the tables (6:2).
Beloved, it is important to note two expressions in that
verse, namely: the word of God ( The Bible and Preaching –
that is the pastor’s responsibility ) and the second word –
tables – a duty for the deacons. Notice, the word – tables,
more than one: how many? Three: devotional, ceremonial,
and financial ( benevolent, church, pastor ).
The third, and final concern for today is the question
for our deacons and members is – how does our church
measure up to the pastor/deacon relationships in terms of
the occupants fulfilling their biblically defined roles? ( make
p. 7
some remarks and give some examples !)

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