Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
December 23, 2018 at 10:45 AM
Central Passage
Matt. 2:2, 16
Your Take On Jesus

Your Take on Jesus

“…Herod…sent them anHerodd said bring me the news…they being warned of God did not return to Herod …responded by issuing an order that all children under two must be slain…” Mt. 2:2, 16.
Many of the national news analysis coin for themselves
expression that evolve into their trademark. Years ago,
there was one who ended his broadcast with “ That’s the
way is, and cited the calendar date. Another morning host,
in an interviewing setting would as the guest, “What is your
take on the topic under discussion, and within the
contemporary tv dialogue is the expression, “talk to me
about whatever may be the topic.
In meditation on a subject for this Christmas 2018, my
mind reflected back on those varying televison lead
questions and concluding statements. Eureka, as the
person uttered who discovered the principle of buoyancy –
a word that denotes ‘I have found it’, the thought came to
my mind – I have found the subject for this biblical analysis;
it is the question, What is your take on Jesus? The sermon
will examine three components of the subject, namely:
the rejection of Jesus, the acceptance of Jesus, and your
take on Jesus. Prior to analyzing these three attitudes
toward Jesus, some attention will be devoted to human
thoughts, behaviors, and expressions with group setting.
My teaching experiences included a course on public
opinions that was quite enlighten on human behavior.
It asserted, as is general known, that people are more
inclined to tell what others say than to give a concise
statement of their conviction. That reality is known as
mass behavior and is widespread in group gathering.
This mass behavior syndrome is historic, it was present
during the time of Jesus, and it is widespread during
contemporary times. It is evident in discussions on politics,
religion, civil rights, and human survival. Of particular
interest for this sermon ars the varied views on and
reactions to Jesus during earthly ministry. The views ranged
from group to individual responses. Accordingly, the sermon
will explore some views on and reactions to Jesus. As
noted in the designation of parameters, the first one is   the acceptance of Jesus. As documented in the Bible,
the three wise men who, following the star, found the
Christ Child in a manger. They were glorified by seeing
the Child and each of them gave a gift to baby Jesus.
Their response was that of adoration, worthiness, and
acceptance of the new born king. Hence, their take on
Jesus was he is alive and we gave gifts to him.
The shepherds, while watching their flock by night,
received an angelic visit with an announcement that the
Savior had been born and where to find him. Their
immediate take on Jesus was reflected in their statement,
“…let us now go into Bethlehem, and see this thing which is
come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us”.
They went, they saw, they praised the new born child.  Their
take on Jesus was acceptance as noted in the Bible, “And
the shepherds returned glorifying and praising God for all
the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told
unto them”.
The Bible tells of two other persons who were blessed
to see the baby Jesus during the first week of his life. Each
of them had a positive take on Jesus. First, their was
Simeon who had been assured by the Holy Ghost that he
would see death “before he had seen the Lord’s Christ”.
As intended by the Holy Spirit, Simeon was at the temple
when Joseph and Mary brought the child Jesus in
accordance with the custom of the law on the eighth
day. Following completion of the ceremony, Simeon
approached the couple and ask permission to hold the
child in his arms. They complied and as he held the
child in his arms and blessed God, Simon said, “Lord
lettest thy servant depart in peace…my eyes have seen
thy salvation”. Simeon’s take on Jesus was positive!
The fourth incident involving a positive take on
Jesus was the prophetess Anna, a 44 age 44 and had been
widowed for seven years. She did not get to hold the
Christ Child, but she had anticipated his birth, she did
see him from afar, she offered prayers nightly, and she
“… spake of him to all them that looked for redemption in

Jerusalem”, an act that reflected “her positive take on
Jesus”. Numerous are others whose take on Jesus the Christ
was and continues to be was born and now lives as the
resurrected Christ. The list include the apostles, the Church
Fathers, and believers at innumerable Christian Worship
Sadly, it must be acknowledged that not all takes on
Jesus the Christ are positive.  Instead, there exist those
whose take on Jesus is negative. The most sinister intent
was by King Herod who instructed the wise men to be
he new of the place where he could find and worship
the Christ Child. In the meantime, his intent to kill the
Child because there could not being two Kings in the
city of Bethlehem. His take on Jesus was to kill the Baby.

When the wise men, following angelic guidance went
not back to Herod he was wroth and ordered that all
babies under two years of age would be killed, but the
Christ Child and his family had gone to Egypt. Later
examples of persons and/or organizations include the
atheists and some religious orders whose take on Jesus
is negative.  Additionally, there some sectors in
education and philosophy whose take on the Christ Child
is negative. Fortunately, there are countless other persons
with a positive take on Jesus.  This verifiable assertion
leads to the third, and final, concern of this sermon which is
– your take on Jesus.  The somber question becomes to
you the hearers and or readers of this sermon is that of
Your Take on Jesus? Beloved, you have just a few of the
Biblical documents of person(s) who embraced a positive

Take on Jesus, but you – also heard of – those persons and
worships where the take on Jesus is negative.  It is now
time to review your take on Jesus. Your deliberation, if
needed, should exclude education, financial resources,
political identification, neighborhood, or world travel
experiences – all should be counted as naught; instead,
your merely need to become familiar with biblical
teachings, accept the finished work of the Christ Child,
and remained committed to an prayerful, ethical, and
altrustic life thereby demonstrating a positive Take on
Jesus. Finally, as you ponder your take on Jesus take a
look at Phil. 2:10 where it is recorded “That at the name of
Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and
things in earth, and things under the earth”. Amen.

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