Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. E. G. Sherman, Jr
Delivered On
June 10, 2018 at 10:45 AM
The Value in Study

“Study to show thyself approved unto God…” 2nd Timothy 2:15
The baby is born without any awareness of realities that
include people, physical setting, and social environment. The
philosopher, John Locke, theorized that newly born baby’s
mind is like a chalk board. But commencing after birth, the child’s
mind  will be exposed to stimuli necessary for survival – a series of
activities that include family care and compassion. As the
days and later months pass, the child will the center of multiple
actions designed to help it acquire normal behavior and social
skills. This learning process known as socialization, lasts throughout
the person’s life. In this regard, it becomes essential for the person
to observe, listen, imitate, and study – all of which are necessary
for the development of a normal, informed, and competent individual.
Our sermon, in this connection, has been planned to address
the value of study for individual competency including Christian
living. It is entitled, The Value of Study. The sermon will explore

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the following three dimensions of this subject, namely: the study
of self, the socio cultural setting, and the study of God.
Since human development is a topic of historic concern
in arena that include biology, psychology, and education, the focus
today will exclude an assessment of those disciplines and be
directed to the three specified concerns, the first of which is the
study of self.  Noting that the word study is used in each of the
three defined areas, it is deemed appropriate to define this word.
One of the many definition of study is, “application of the mind to the
acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection
and  long hours of focused concentration.
Against this background on study, the attention is directed to
the study of self. It is herein submitted that the child becomes aware
of it’s self through imitation of persons with whom it has contact. The
family, in this connection, is the most influential especially in the
formative years of life. The person is next influenced by orders,
directions and prohibitions starting within the family and, later,
being extended to include the school system.
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In an effort to be welcomed child in the family and a successfully
student in school, the child must study and observe the ways of home
life. This need becomes increasingly critic in the school setting where
grades are earned and honors along with awards are given. Taking
a backward glace in Biblical history, it is recorded that Paul instructed
Timothy to study to show himself approved unto God, a workman that
need not to be ashamed of his work. Beloved, especially, our young
people, that Pauline challenge yet looms of humanity today. That
somber reality leads to the second area of study which is that of the
larger society.  Since the mid fifties, Americans have become more
individualistic oriented and, therefore, give little consideration to the
needs of others.  This fact is, especially, evident in large universities
and the work place. To maintain sanity while functioning in the
current impersonal society, each person must devote some quality
time thinking about and trying to give meaning to its’ place in the
social system.  When confronting injustices, refer to Ps. 37:1 “Fret
not thyself because of the evil doer…” and agree with Paul, “I can
do all things through Christ who strengthen me.” ( Phil. 4:15 ).


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The third area for study is that of God. Admittedly, a life time
is far to short for anyone to complete and comprehend a knowledge
of God. But that is no legitimate excuse for neglecting this critical
area of study. Instead of omission owing to the vastness of God,
the serious minded person should select at least three physical
indicators of God’s power and works. For this sermon today on the
value of study, it is herein recommended that the serious study
will, first, observe, marvel, and appreciate the physical nature
of the universe: trees – remember Kilmer’s poem entitled Trees,
she uttered, “poems are made by fools like me but only God can
make a tree”. Next view the sky, the land, the oceans, plants,
animals, and humankind. To appreciate these creations, one
will find ample information for study is Genesis and Psalm 8.
The study of God is, further, significant because therein
one will find the basis of its existence, the requirement to come
to God ( Heb. 11:6 ), that life is transitory ( Ps. 90:10 ), and that
there is ultimately an eternal judgment ( Rev. 12:20 ).
In closing, the value of study has many implications, three
p. 5
of which are: to know one’s self.  To this end, a poetic admonition
is submitted – to thine own self be true; also, a scriptural certainty
is cited – as a man thinks in his heart so is he; secondly, study to
know others: this requires the embodiment of the golden rule which is
do unto others as you would have them do unto you and respect those
in authority and, thirdly, study to know God – an unending task but
just two focuses are cited; namely, to grasp some understanding of
his dominion and to align your life within the context of his
expectations of you.
As a final observation, words of honor and appreciation are
extended to our recipients for their achievements; our church
salutes you! So, congratulations – whether retirement, graduation,
promotion or any other noteworthy cause.  May God continue to
bless you!  Amen.


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