Weekly Sermon
Delivered By
Dr. Eugene Sherman
Delivered On
July 8, 2018 at 10:45 AM
The Historic Involvement of Women in Judeo Christianity


The Historic Involvement of Women in Judeo Christianity



The Historic involvement of Women                          in Judeo Christianity
“ And she ( Anna ) coming in that instance gave thanks likewise unto the Lord, and spake of him to all themthat looked for redemption in Jerusalem” ( Lk. 2:38 )
Although Christianity is one of the World’s Great
Religions, it was not the first to be established. It was
promised by Jesus, although he referred to the movement
as a church. Following his resurrection, Jesus gave the
Great Commission to the eleven – remember that Judas
had committed and his replacement had not be selected.
( Matt. 28:28-30 ). A casual reading of the Commission
might lead to the conclusion that women would have no
role to play in the development of the church. The
sermon for this Annual Mission Anniversary has been
planned to partially broach this issue. It was entitled,


p. 2
“The Historic Involvement of Women in Judeo-Christianity:
as documented in the Bible. It will include the following
dimensions, namely: the the proactive stance of
Jochebed regarding her son Moses ( Exodus 2 ), Anna’s
personal certification that the redeemer had come ( Lk.
2:38., and the Syro – Phoenician who accepted Jesus’
reminding her of her ethnicity ( Matt. 15:21-28 ).
Prior to analyzing these three concerns, attention will
be focused to the political disarray and imposed inequities
within humanity here in the United States of America.
Numerous are the realities, but the sermon will cite just
two inhuman examples. The first is that of little immigrant
children, individually, in a so-called court without judicial
representation, responding to an individual with a name
plate Judge interrogating a little girl swinging her legs

p. 3
because they were too short to reach the floor. The second
example is that of the Annual 4th of July display of persons
taking the oath required to confirm citizenship in the United
States of America. Although I was unable to see the total
number, I was grieved to note that all the New American
seemed to be white, Admittedly, I do not have the unique
vision of  the President as he asserted it regarding his
Having vented some personal views, attention will be
directed to the earlier specified concerns in the sermon –
the first of which is – the proactive stance of Yochebed, a
mother, regarding her action to defy the Egyptian’s law
requiring midwives to kill all Hebrew baby boys at birth.
Egypt, like Trump and a large segment of white Americans,
was worried about the increasing possibility of the Hebrews

p. 4
becoming a larger segment of the Egyptian population. Does
that not mirror America today? Let us look at how God
handled the problem. Yochebed was proactive. She placed
the baby in a cradle and carried him now near to the water
in which Pharaoh’s daughter was swimming. In the
meantime, she instructed her daughter to stand near by.
That was a wise decision because the daughter wanted to
keep the child, but she needed a care taker for the baby.
At that point, the baby’s sister approach the lady and told
her of a good woman for the job.  It was the baby’s mother.!
The Egyptian lady named him Moses because was lifted
from the water. That little baby would be reared in the
luxury of Egyptian life. But God preordained him to become
the emancipator of his people, the children of Israel. As
result of Yochebed’s proactive stand, Israel would

p. 5
ultimately be freed from Egyptian bondage and be led,
By Moses, toward the Promised land of Canaan, God would
give him the Decalogues, or 10 Commandment, and Moses
would become the author of the First Five Books of the Old
Testament. This glorious fact leads to the second aspect of
the sermon which is – Anna’s personal certification that the
redeemer had come. ( Luke 2:38 ). The children of Israel had
experienced a long and varied set of experiences. But after
the division of The Twelve Tribes, the Babylonian Captivity,
the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Micah, and the general
yearn for a redeemer to liberate the Israelites. Later
Matthew and Luke would report that the Redeemer had
come. Anna was fully aware of this prophesy and watched
from aware as Joseph and Mary brought the baby Jesus
into the Temple for the required circumcision, His name

p. 6
was called Jesus. As the were leaving the Temple, Simeon
who had earlier received the assurance that he would live
to see the Redeemer. He, therefore, approached the couple
and requested permission to hold the baby in his arms. It
was granted and then Simeon uttered “Mine eyes have seen
thy salvation” ( Luke 2:30 ). From afar, there stood Anna,
a prophetess, a widow, and a fasting and praying woman.
She rejoiced in her blessing to see the Redeemer and
went forth proclaiming the “good news, not as a politician,
but as a bearer of the truth. However, her challenge was,
not as the politician – get out a vote, but to get out and
witness. That challenges still beam aloud today, ‘Get out
and serve the Redeemer’. And now to the third female. She
by current political classification, and outcast, a not like
us group, or as Trump would say a degenerate, low


p. 7 intelligence, but Jesus, using the Jewish custom in referring
to her nationality, A Syro Phoenician, implied that she was
a dog. She replied, “Truth Lord: yet the dogs eat of the
crumbs which fall their masters’ tables” ( Matt. 15:27 ).
Jesus said, “O woman, great is thy faith…”. Her daughter
was healed.
In conclusion beloved, what must be the role of the
church in combating the current political mandates
regarding the family ( nationality, or a quite term,
immigrants ? ). First the mandates that separate mothers
from children must be condemned, despite the Sunday
School teaching Attorney. If he would read and comply with
biblical teachings regarding family child relations, the
gentleman would find: “…Suffer little children, and forbid
then not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of
p. 8
heaven”. ( Matt. 19:14 ). There are many other Scriptures
that emphasize family obligations in training, provision,
and longevity, one of which demonstrates the love that
and concern that Jesus had for his mother as expressed
from the cross during his crucifixion. He chose John for the
responsibility. (John 19:25-26 ). Moving from that occasion,
the current reality seems more on neglecting children for
political leverage. In this regard must the alternative come
into action; it includes the role of social services agencies,
but must of all, I submit, that the churches must spring
into action through the General Missions: voicing opposition
to separation of children from their parents, demonstrating
in protest marches, and providing financial assistance.
Lastly, let the General Mission along with the general
fellowship be in ongoing prayers for the parents, relatives,
p. 9
and friends of those immigrant children along with kids
throughout the world. Finally, Members of the General
Mission here at Institutional First Baptist, I extend words
of appreciation for your untiring works. God bless you!  Amen. 

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